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Who We Are

Surefire is a multi disciplined inspection and survey company using the latest technology to guarantee the highest level of data acquisition for our clients. Our team of fully qualified experts offer visual inspections and thermographic survey along with detailed survey mapping measurement analysis.

We operate within many industrial and commercial sectors and challenging environments, using innovative UAV platforms for difficult to access locations or working at height. We carry all relevant licences, insurance and permits for all jobs so please contact us if you require a fantastic service and the highest quality data for your next project.

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Our Values

At Surefire we’re excited to offer our clients quality survey and inspection analysis, specialising in collecting data that has previously been too expensive, dangerous or time consuming to gather. We understand the need for the timely delivery of relevant accurate information and we are committed to meeting our customers requirements in the most professional, reliable and cost effective way possible. To operate confidently within a very safety conscious, demanding and previously unchartered working environments that are both highly regulated and monitored by the CAA and industry alike. We encourage our people to develop their potential in a fully supportive environment, guided by our core values of Safety, Trust, Teamwork and Innovation because people are at the heart of our success.

Our Mission

We aim to be the most trusted, professional survey and inspection company in the UK, offering highly developed and integrated surveying and UAV services, we will provide intelligent solutions for all our customers in each of our markets, helping them to transform their projects through a combination of skilled people, innovative technologies and market expertise.

Surefire Inspection

At the centre of our operation is the Intel Falcon 8 drone, it carries multiple payloads and its sensor is a 30x optical zoom visual camera in tandem with the FLIR TAU 640 thermographic system. Capturing highly accurate data, both visually and thermally, it makes our clients businesses safer and more compliant with Health and Safety directive by eliminating or reducing the requirement for dangerous tasks to be performed by their workforce. It’s now far safer, quicker and cheaper to utilise drones for inspecting structures and buildings and often eliminates the need for rope access teams and expensive scaffolding. We are capable of deploying, at short notice, both on and offshore to fulfil a wide range of tasks whilst allowing business to continue as normal without the need for costly shut down of equipment.

Surefire Survey

Our team of surveyors can produce highly accurate topographical, boundary, setting out, structural and condition surveys utilising survey grade GPS, Robotic / Reflectorless Total Stations and long range terrestrial laser scanners. If you need an underground asset locating, we have that covered too and can obtain the relevant plans from service providers such as gas, telephone, electricity and water or use Ground Penetrating Radar or Radio Detection methods to make costly excavation unnecessary. Our UAV platforms are capable of delivering sub 5mm accuracies, safely and quickly allowing for improved health and safety with a much quicker turn around. In many ways, utilising UAV technology can be a far better option when considering time saving, man power, cost and safety. The Falcon 8 UAV has triple autopilot functionality and multiple redundancies incorporated, giving our clients peace of mind whilst we’re on site.

Surefire BIM

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building and a process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. It supports the continuous and immediate availability of project design scope, schedule, and cost information that is high quality, reliable, integrated, and fully coordinated. There are three level of BIM, firstly level 0 is 2D drawings and where the market was decades ago. Level 1 is where companies are using some CAD, simple models and 3d Drawings with some structured co-ordination processes and structured project information. Level 2, is a shift to 3D model with integrated attribute information, separate model files for architecture, structural and M&E etc. Much of the project information is now embedded in the model with structured process for co-ordination now being essential. Level 3 hasn’t been reached yet as this is when all companies integrate their data sets into one single model and share it between them with a structured process to manage co-ordination of information and integrated project insurance which is fully collaborative.

Surefire Visualisation

Visualisation offers a chance to utilise technology to spot problems and enhance stakeholder engagement. UAV’s are quickly being adopted by the construction industry as indispensable tools that can be used throughout the BIM life cycle. They can be utilised cheaply and often from feasibility study through to ongoing maintenance. Collecting data regularly is becoming increasingly valuable within all BIM projects, building site monitoring and site management. We can frequently fly around a construction site, take photos from recorded positions and upload them to a server on the cloud. From this, our clients can generate a mesh, align it with the BIM model and augment the photos with the model. By investing slightly more in the planning stages of the BIM schedule to get frequently updated accurate information on projects inevitably leads to time and money savings by reducing enormously, any snagging caused by human error and future maintenance costs.

Surefire Mining

Collecting highly accurate data is often time consuming and dangerous when using Total Stations and conventional surveying tools on the ground. In these situations data is collected from the air in the form of either photogrammetry or by LiDAR and then processed to create an output to suit our customers needs. Site information can be delivered regularly without great expense giving you full control over operations, stockpile management, site planning and plant monitoring. Unbiased and highly accurate data is achieved because UAVS’s record their flight path for any given mission allowing for a return to the same task and to repeat it exactly as before for accurate comparison, Surefire have experience in working at some of the largest mines in the country, creating detailed topographical surveys for companies such as CAT Finning.