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  • Utility Mapping
  • Topographical Survey
  • 3D Laser Scanning & Modelling
  • Building Elevation Surveys
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • Site Engineering & Setting Out
  • As built Surveys
  • Structural Monitoring
  • UAV Photogrammetry
  • LiDAR
Fast and accurate survey information in a BIM (Building Information Model) can help give your project the fullness of data it needs for successful delivery. Our dedicated team are on hand to to increase your productivity, reduce any potential errors and provide highly accurate survey data available for new developments and projects or to integrate design in an existing built environment or control framework.

Surefire can operate within dangerous and previously difficult to reach terrain and can supply completely up to date imagery and data ideally suited to time-sensitive projects and for monitoring locations at regular intervals using the exact same flight plan every time to measure any changes in the following areas.
Coastal management
River and flood assessments
Plant and animal conservation
Environmental change monitoring